San Diego Soul Music Festival- Kieth Sweat

Sneak Peek of some images from The San Diego Soul Music Festival. Kieth Sweat, (GUY) – Aaron Hall, Damion Hall and Teddy Riley, (DRU HILL) – Mark “Sisqo” Andrews, Tamir”Nokio” Ruffin, Larry “Jazz” Anthony and James”Woody Rock” Green) and Anthony Hilton, took their performances to another level. as they kept the audience dancing and out of their seats. All Rights Reserved.

Soul Jam_Kieth SweatIMG_1849

Soul Jam_Kieth SweatIMG_1185.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_Kieth SweatIMG_1169.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_Kieth SweatIMG_1117.jpg

GUY -“Let’s Chill”

92.5 Soul Jam_GuyIMG_0675

92.5 Soul Jam_GuyIMG_0354.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_GuyIMG_0503.jpg

Teddy Riley

92.5 Soul Jam_GuyIMG_0557.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_GuyIMG_0459.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_GuyIMG_0816

Dru Hill – “Sisqo”

92.5 Soul Jam_SiscoIMG_0193.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_SiscoIMG_0091.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_SiscoIMG_0121.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_SiscoIMG_0097

Anthony Hamilton

92.5 Soul Jam_HamiltonIMG_0886.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_HamiltonIMG_0892.jpg

92.5 Soul Jam_HamiltonIMG_0880.jpg


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