Magic 92.5 Celebrates 20 Years!!

Wow what a concert on June 17 Magic 92.5 celebrated its 20th Birthday of being on the airwaves.What a way to celebrate bringing back some of the legends in old school funk and r&b. The seats were filled by a sold out crowd but no one was sitting because the party had everyone dancing and rocking the house singing along.
92.5 Birthday BashIMG_0514.jpg
 The vibe was amazing and very nostalgic and the best part was seeing an audience ofdiversity all ages, all ethnicities coming together for the LOVE of music. The concert landed into the wee hours of the morning but no one was complaining and time was the last thing on their mind. The stage was rocking with great performances by Morris Day, Blackstreet,Expose, Stevie B, Morris Day, Zapp
The energy in the room by all the performances gave such a trip down memory lane you know those old party days, your first love, high school just to name a few of life great moments.
That is the power of music and the sign of a great concert when everyone is jamming in their seats and taking a trip down memory lane. And its even a better view from the front of the stage where Celebrity Photographer Ron Morales captured incredible images of these talented artists doing what they love. You see thats where the magic lies in doing what you love and someone being there to witness & capture you in your zone. Music has a way to bring people together, to connect and to unify despite any differences.
Music can heal and invigorate with the power to change generations. Well done Magic 92.5 heres to the future and thank you for a fun filled night down memory lane. 

92.5 Birthday BashIMG_2105.jpg
92.5 Birthday BashIMG_2316.jpg
92.5 Birthday BashIMG_2333.jpg
92.5 Birthday BashIMG_2351.jpg
92.5 Birthday BashIMG_2356.jpg
92.5 Birthday BashIMG_2357.jpg
92.5 Birthday BashIMG_2161.jpg
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